Romana Domus is a network of university residences in Roma that offers lodging for students from many countries. After analyzing the experiences of many students who come from afar to study in Rome, Romana Domus created a network of convenient residences that offer safe, comfortable and quet lodging at a fair cost.

While other structures have traditionally held a great number of students within large buildings, Romana Domus offers the flexibility and convenience of small, homestyle residence with some 10-15 students in various buildings, each of which is specialized for men or for women and located throughout the city.

Our smaller scale facilitates flexibility and ease of transportation while allowing for more personal contact and the possibility to partecipate in a small community based on respect for one another and the responsible exercise of one’s personal freedom.

Because of our small scale and networked variety of locations, Romana Domus is able to offer confortable and efficient lodging at a range of costs depending upon one’s preferred location, type of room and services. With Romana Domus the individual may choose their preferred location and services in accord with their budget.

Each of our residences offers a choice of room (single, double or triple), with a place to study and common area and with a small kitchen where the students can cook and gather together for recreation and companionship.

Our basic service include free wi-fi, regular room cleaning and exchange of sheets and towels every week. These basic services will help our personnel to respond to any maintenance issue or other needs that may arise.

Moreover, Romana Domus will also offer additional services at a fee such: additional cleaning, laundry, car sharing and airport transportation.

All of our student residents will also have the opportunity for reduced price access to local restaurants, a gym and other personal needs. A map of all our partners will be distributed among the residents.

Our aim is to offer to the young men and women studying in Rome a welcoming home with a serene atmosphere apt foreacting and an enriching community of cultural exchange and friendship while fostering their life of study and university formation. Our aim is to support the mission of the universities and to facilitate the study in Rome for many students who come come from afar to enjoy the rich cultural and religious history of Rome.